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Watchout for battery-less pacemaker from Swiss engineers

Current pacemakers, which help the heart beat more regularly, offer a lifeline for many patients with cardiac problems but the need for battery power is a limiting factor. …read ...

Police, protesters clash in Pakistani capital on second day

At least three people were killed and nearly 400 admitted to local hospitals in violence that started Saturday night and continued to boil over Sunday. …read more

Israel calls on region to rebuild, disarm Gaza

Finance minister calls for a regional conference with the Egyptians, the Saudis and Gulf States focusing on ensuring the rehabilitation alongside demilitarisation. …read more

Man in semi-coma condition for six months

As the youngest in the family and the only one with a job, Shariq was under pressure to provide a living for his family. …read more

Office assistant accused of hiding phone in toilet to film women

The man admitted during the investigation that he hid the phone to film two women in particular, among others. …read more

Nigeria launches national identity card scheme

The card features a credit card-style chip with personal as well as biometric data and doubles up as a prepaid charge and debit card. …read more

Wages Protection System hailed as labour disputes drop sharply

The number of employees who had refused to work over labour disputes in the country has fallen by more than 45 per cent over the last four years. …read more

Murder charges filed against Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif

The case is linked to a June incident in the eastern city of Lahore in which Qadri’s supporters were killed in clashes with police. …read more

Syrian refugees top 3 million mark; many remain trapped

The vast majority of Syrian refugees remain in neighbouring countries, with the highest concentrations in Lebanon (1.17 million), Turkey (830,000) and Jordan (613,000), the UNHCR said. ...

Don’t mess with nuclear Russia says Putin

The Russian takeover of Crimea in March was essential to save a largely Russian-speaking population from Ukrainian government violence. …read more
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